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Class #3: Lookup Tables, Gödel’s Theorem, and Penrose’s Views

Does many people’s reluctance to regard a giant lookup table as intelligent simply have to do with induction—with the fact that they know the lookup table can’t handle inputs beyond some fixed size, whereas a human being’s responses are, in some … Continue reading

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Class #2: The Extended Church-Turing Thesis, the Turing Test, and the Chinese Room

What are the best arguments for polynomial-time as a criterion of efficiency, and exponential-time as a criterion of inefficiency?  How strong are those arguments?  How should we handle the problem of n10000 and 1.0000001n algorithms? What sort of statement is … Continue reading

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Class #1: Introduction and the Church-Turing Thesis

Why should scientists and mathematicians spend time thinking about philosophy? Why should theoretical computer science be of any particular philosophical interest? What is the Church-Turing Thesis: a mathematical definition?  a thesis about human psychology or concepts?  an empirical claim about … Continue reading

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