Student Projects

This is a place for interested students to post links to their project reports and/or presentations.

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  1. bobthebayesian says:

    The project paper that I wrote with Miguel Aljacen can be found here. In it we cover some history of the relationship between Shannon’s information theory and the philosophy of information. We also discuss a connection between the Typical Set and Kolmogorov Complexity that might be relevant to Occam’s razor. There’s a much more informative discussion about the machine learning technique of Boosting and the point about it being quantitatively related to Occam’s razor. The last section is some speculation about whether the distribution-free equivalence of strong and weak learnability can offer a non-circular way to resolve the problem of the external world.

  2. Karen Sittig and I wrote an interactive demonstration of the interactive zero-knowledge proof protocol for 3-colorable graphs. You can play around with it at

  3. Katrina LaCurts says:

    Criticisms of The Turing Test and Why You Should Ignore (Most of) Them. If you enjoy brevity and/or large pictures of seagulls, you can also view the slides.

  4. bobthebayesian says:

    Sorry for the delay. The class survey results are completed. You can find a copy of my highly {speculative, lazy} summary of results here. Thanks to everyone for such an interesting semester.

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