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Student Projects

This is a place for interested students to post links to their project reports and/or presentations. Advertisements

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Class #13: The Singularity and Universe as Computer

(Participation is optional.  For additional discussion about Newcomb’s problem and free will, please post in thread #12b.) Feel free to post any thoughts you’ve had related to the topics discussed in class #13: The concept of a “technological singularity” and … Continue reading

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Class #12b: Newcomb’s Paradox and Free Will

Do you believe the superintelligent “Predictor” of Newcomb’s Paradox could exist?  Does your answer depend on specific properties of the laws of physics (such as the uncertainty principle)?  Does it depend on the assumption that humans are “open systems”, in constant … Continue reading

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Class #12a: Evolution

If philosophers, mathematicians, etc. had been clever enough, could they have figured out that natural selection was the right explanation for life a priori, without input from naturalists like Darwin?  If life exists on other planets, should we expect that … Continue reading

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